Roofing Replacement

Roofing Replacement

Roofing Replacement

Roofing Replacement or Roof Repairs?

Roofing replacement isn’t always a requirement, sometimes many roofing problems can be solved with some minor roofing repairs.  Before you spend thousands of dollars on roofing replacement get a proper roof inspection to determine the issue.  If your roof just looks bad because it has black streaks, mold and other “appearance” issues, you can hire a roof cleaning contractor for about 10% of the cost of a replacement roof!

If you have some missing shingles or a roof leak you can hire a roofing repair contractor.   If your roof is structurally strong and requires only minor repairs, there’s a good chance that your repairs can be taken care of for as little as $500.00.  Just contact our office for a recommendation for a local roof repair company.

If you need roofing replacement in Maryland, please contact our office for a referral to a local roofing replacement company that we have worked with and highly recommend.

Roofing Replacement Contractors-(Which one should I choose?)

Your roof does more than just keep the rain from leaking into your home, it’s a large water handling system that channels water into your gutter system, and it keeps out animals and insulates your home.  It’s a major component of your homes structure, and this usually means hiring a roofing replacement contractor. Some  haven’t dealt with roofing replacement contractors before and are confused.  Some roofing replacement contractors will give an estimate for roof replacement when the roof actually only needs repairs. Have a roof inspection prior to contacting roofing replacement companies so you know what the condition of the roof is prior to any bids. A roof inspection will tell you whether you need roofing replacement or just repairs.

Pretty sad story, right? Well, things don’t have to be that way – as long as you do your homework up front you should have no problem identifying a few roofing replacement companies that will take care of your roof with an honest appraisal and dedicated work. In other words, you can find a roofing replacement contractor that will do the work like it’s supposed to be done!

The trick, of course, is avoiding those bad roofing replacement contractors that give all of the other roofers a bad name. How can you discern a good roofing replacement contractor from a bad one?  Get a copy of our free guide on hiring a contractor! This guide was created to find a contractor, handyman or a roofing replacement contractor.  The service you need might be different but all of the information in this free guide will help you hire any type of contractor in Maryland.

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