Roofing Inspections that save you money!

Roofing inspections are offered for free as part of our standard gutter cleaning service.  These roofing inspections consist of over 50 common causes of roof leaks, gutter problems and other common problems on homes.  This page shows a sample of some of the items we look for during our roofing inspections.

Our Roofing Inspections Report

Roofing Inspections

Our Roofing Inspections

Cracks in chimney crowns, nail pops, missing shingles and torn vent pipe gaskets are all common problems found during roofing inspections.  As you can see from a copy of our roofing inspections report above.

Problems Found During Roofing Inspections

Chimney’s can hold water and allow it to form a small puddle or pond if not installed correctly.  We usually suggest installing a cricket, which will deflect water away from the chimney.  The concrete crown on top of the chimney can also cause roof leaks from cracks or missing flue caps. These issues are found during our roofing inspections.

One of the most common problems found during roofing inspections involve vent pipes.  Vent pipe collars have a rubber gasket that stretches around vent pipes.  These gaskets usually rip and tear causing leaks in bathrooms and kitchens or as far as 10′ away.

Ridge vents allow heat to escape from attics but high winds can cause them to lift up or blow off allowing rain and animals to enter.  Most roof repair services install them with staples or nails and neglect to seal them.  This allows them to work free from the roofing shingle to be blown off. These issues are found during one of our roofing inspections.

Caulking on flashing usually lasts for many years but when it begins to crack roof leaks can occur quickly and it can be difficult to spot. Issues are found during roofing inspections.

Nail pops are difficult to spot on some roofs and usually cause small roof leaks at first.  In time they can cause plywood to weaken and rot with no prior warning or signs of leaks. Issues are found during roofing inspections.

Missing Shingles usually occur after high winds (30 MPH or more) catch the shingle and tear it from the rooftop.  Usually the missing shingles can be found in your yard or the yard of a neighbor. Problems found during roofing inspections.

Drip edge is a metal flashing that acts as an extension of the roof.  It does not “have” to be installed on every home but we do recommend it, because it helps to keep water from blowing behind the gutter and then leaking into the walls and soffits on homes. These problems are found during roofing inspections.

Our Roofing Inspections Add Value To Our Service

Unlike other gutter cleaning companies we take our roofing inspections seriously, and every gutter cleaning job we perform is evaluated using this form, if any items on our list are found during the roofing inspections we will leave a copy of this form behind.   We also believe that our roofing inspections provide a valuable service to our clients by helping them to prevent expensive repairs that would result from many of the items found in our roofing inspections.

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