Gutter Repair company for gutter repairs in Montgomery County Maryland.

Gutter repair services in MarylandAll gutter repair services in Maryland must be performed by a Licensed Maryland Home Improvement Contractor. Don’t let another gutter repair company fool you into thinking that it’s not required, or that it’s not important to have an MHIC license for repairing gutters.

Our gutter services include sealing gutters, tightening gutters and downspouts, replacing missing or damaged parts, installing drip edge, installing gutter guards and complete gutter installations.

Hiring a company for gutter repair without the proper licensing and insurance can result in serious consequences in case something goes wrong, like if they fall off a ladder or your roof, or if there is a problem with the gutter repair. Hiring a company for gutter repairs doesn’t have to be difficult, Henry’s Housework offers gutter repair services for all types of gutter systems on residential and commercial properties in Maryland!

Common causes of gutter repair services

Gutters that are not cleaned often can often sag because of the amount of debris in them. This can also cause them to overflow and flood basements, wear away soil around your foundation killing plants. Sometimes this is caused by a faulty spike and ferrule system, that has become loose from the weight of snow or ice buildup in the gutters.

Clogged gutters allow the water to rise inside the gutters where it can often leak through the back of the gutter and rot away the wood around the spikes.

Common gutter repair services

Most of the gutter repair services we have fixed lately are a result of ice dams or gutters that are full of debris. When the gutter becomes heavy with debris or ice it can pull away from the home bringing the fascia board along with it! This creates an opening for water to bounce off of the back of the fascia and dump into the soffit area or inside wall of home. Gutter replacement is not necessary in cases like this, they can be repaired by an experienced gutter repair company but not easily.

Downspouts are the vertical pipe that joins to the horizontal gutter running down to the ground. Down spouts collect the draining water and direct it away from the foundation of the property. When damaged they should be repaired quickly to avoid extensive damages to the foundation.

This can happen as the result of improperly installed gutters that don’t pitch enough so that the water flows towards the downspout. It can also be the result of sagging gutters. The good news is that this type of repair can usually be fixed by re-pitching the gutters properly, and reinforcing them with spikes and ferrules or inside hidden hangers and screws.

Leaking seams are one of the most needed repairs we deal with on jobs in the area. Seam leaks can occur when the caulking deteriorates because of UV sunlight damage, from a heavy load of debris in the gutter, or from ice buildup or ice dams. If you need help with any type of gutter repair services call Henry’s Housework at 301-216-9675.

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