Ice Dam Removal Services In Montgomery County Maryland With Ice Dam Video

Most ice dam removal services in Montgomery County Maryland tear off the gutters or attempt to melt the ice dams with hot water pressure washers, this is not the correct way to remove ice dams, using these methods can cause thousands of dollars in damages!

Ice Dam Removal Services In Maryland

In our opinion, these methods of ice dam removal services are the worst methods possible to use for ice dam removal services! Ripping a gutter off the house allows all the melting snow to drop next to the foundation of your home, causing basement flooding, and damage the gutters causing additional expenses. This is why we never use these methods for removing ice dams.

Ice dam removal services that use hot water pressure washers to melt the snow can force water under the shingles, blast off or damage the shingles, or add more weight to a roof that may already be comprised from the heavy load of snow that is on it. Another concern with using hot water pressure washers for ice dam removal services is that hot water freezes faster than cold water does. So everything that the drifting spray lands while the operator is working will flash freeze, causing extremely dangerous conditions for the operator. Because the entire time he is spraying the ladder he is standing on will get coated in ice!

Need ice dam removal services in Montgomery County Maryland?

If you notice snow drifts or ice dams on your roof, call 301-216-9675 before ice dams cause damages to your home! With temperatures hovering around freezing any snow accumulations over 6 inches can easily cause an ice dam creating thousands of dollars in damages to your home! When ice dams form, water builds up behind a wall of ice and allows water to penetrate through the roofing inside the exterior walls. It is common to see extensive water damages on every level of the home from ice dams, including the basement, that is why it is so important for ice dam removal services when there is a problem!

Identifying ice dams

  • Do you have snow drifts near exterior walls on your roof?
  • Is ice or mounds of snow forming on the gutters or other areas of your home?
  • Is ice forming on your roof near the soffits or gutters?
  • Are there icicles hanging from your gutters or the soffits on your home?
  • Are the gutters on your home pulling away from the roofline?
  • Get more information on what causes ice dams here.

If you notice any of these items then there is probably an ice dam forming on your roof, and the problems are about to get worse, if you do not hire an ice dam removal service quickly!

Proper methods for ice dam removal services

Proper ice dam removal services can be quite dangerous if you do not know what you are doing, or have the right equipment. Contact us at 301-216-9675 or find a qualified professional. Click here for: photos and information on ice dam removal services and methods for removing ice dams.

The experts in Montgomery County Maryland for ice dam removal services!

During the last major snow storms in the area we were asked by several local news stations if they could follow our crews to film our process for removing ice dams. We invited a filming crew and reporter from Channel 5, and our president Henry Bockman gave an interview for channel 9 news in their studio to discuss ice dam removal services and the causes of ice dams. Over the last 10 years Henry Bockman has become a professional resource for news stations in the area for power washing, deck cleaning and of course, removing ice dams.

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