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Henry Bockman is a Navy Veteran that served with the F-14 Squadron “The Starfighters” on board the USS America as an Aviation Ordinance man that specialized in F-14 weapons systems.

After he left the military he started a home maintenance company in Maryland called Henry’s Housework. Since 1989 Henry Bockman has taken nearly every power washing training course available, and been certified by the Power Washers of North America, Wolman, Jahn Masonry and Restoration services, Seal N Lock, American Builders and Restoration, BASMA, Cathedral Stone, Alliance Trade Education Services and the Contractors Foundation.  Bockman has worked with other contractors and organizations in the industry to create many of the power washing classes in existence today. Bockman helped to create the first International training program by helping to establish Training classes in the United Kingdom for softwashing and pressure washing.

Bockman served on the Board of Directors for the Power Washers of North America as the Chairman of the communications committee, PWNA Webmaster, PWNA BBS Administrator, creator of Clean Across America campaign, and as the President and a founding member of the Maryland State Chapter of PWNA. Bockman has received The Daily Points Of Light Award from President Bush, PWNA Marketing awards, the Joe Walters Award, letters of recognition from The President Of The United States and the Governor of Maryland.

In 2016, Bockman was appointed to the Commission on Veterans Affairs, testified for Congress, graduated from the Veterans Institute For Procurement, and worked with the Historical Society, National Park Services, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Maryland Home Improvement Commission to change the laws regarding the licensing for pressure washing.

Bockman currently resides in Maryland with his wife of 26 years and two teenagers

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