Roof Cleaning Companies in Rockville Maryland

Hiring roof cleaning companies in Rockville Maryland is becoming quite popular this year as thousands of home owners in Rockville Maryland find black streaks on their roofing.

Hiring a roof cleaning company to remove black streaks and blotches from your roof can lower your electric bill, improve the appearance of your home, and extend the life of your roof!

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Roof Cleaning Companies In Rockville Maryland

The black stains on roofing is a type of algae called “gloeocapsa magma” or commonly known as Black Streaks, Black Algae or just Roof Stains. These black stains can be removed through a special low pressure Roof cleaning process that uses professional grade roof cleaners and our revolutionary low pressure cleaning system to safely remove black streaks from roofing, and other pollutants on the surface of roofs.

Searching for roof cleaning companies in Rockville Maryland? We Can Help!

Searching For Roof Cleaning Companies In Rockville Maryland?Professional roof cleaning companies in Rockville Maryland get results!

If your looking for roof cleaning companies in Rockville Maryland to remove black streaks from your roof, don’t worry, our professional roof cleaning company can remove them! There are also other benefits to hiring professional roof cleaning companies, besides just removing the black stains from roofing, we can increase the curb appeal of your home by washing your roof and washing the exterior of your home, which can raise the value of your home in todays economy.  Our roof cleaning services can also help to prevent additional heat build up in your attic by removing the black streaks from your roofing, that can help lower your utility bills and it can extend the life of your roofing!

Before hiring roof cleaning companies in Rockville Maryland read this!

All of these benefits are a great reason to hire roof cleaning companies in Rockville Maryland, but before you run out and hire the first roof cleaning company in Montgomery County Maryland that you can find, read the rest of this article to protect your home! There are also a few factors in hiring a roof cleaning company that you have to know before you hire someone.

1. Make sure that any roof cleaning companies you hire have lots of experience cleaning roofs, and make sure they have a long track record of satisfied clients and credentials.  Roof cleaning is performed using equipment that puts out 8 gallons of water per minute, up to 15 gallons of water per minute.  If the roof cleaning company you hire doesn’t properly inspect your roof, they could cause THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN DAMAGES IN SECONDS!

2. Is the price for roof cleaning comparable with the standards in the power washing industry? Over the last couple of years new roof cleaning companies  in Rockville Maryland seem to have appeared almost overnight. Some of the clients we have worked with for years have told us stories about being approached by roof cleaning companies that have offered prices as low as $300.00 to clean an entire roof! At these prices the roof cleaning contractor that approached them was probably planning to either scam them and take their money, or add a bunch of additional fees to the bill at the end of the job. It just isn’t possible to run a roof cleaning company at these prices.

A. The equipment that most professional roof cleaning companies in Rockville Maryland use costs thousands of dollars for each system.
B. The safety equipment costs $200.00 per man, and has to be replaced regularly.
C. The professional grade roof cleaning detergents sold by manufacturers can cost $50 or more per roof!
D. These prices don’t include labor, liability insurance or workers compensation, than easily cost $100 or more per job.

We all want to save money these days but the old saying “You Get What You Pay For” is certainly true, and if your paying $300 to have your roof cleaned, the company is cutting corners on one of these regular business expenses that all legal and professional roof cleaning companies in Rockville Maryland pay for.

Professional roof cleaning companies in Rockville Maryland

Most consumers don’t realize that professional power washing companies, roof cleaning companies and other trained exterior cleaning contractors, take years of ongoing training for the services they provide.  These companies also invest tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, and they all use low pressure cleaning systems that apply professional grade roof cleaning products that are designed to break down surface dirt, kill gloeocapsa magma, and other types of mold, mildew and algae, without using high pressure methods that can damage your roof. If you find any roof cleaning companies in Rockville Maryland that don’t use these methods, be careful, and make sure they have insurance to repair any damages that they may cause when cleaning your roof!

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