Removing toilet paper from trees

Removing Toilet Paper From Trees With Fire?

When removing toilet paper from trees NEVER set it on fire! Another word of advice is don’t let it get wet if possible because it will be MUCH harder to remove! If you use your garden hose, it will only get it wet and turn it into a sloppy paste that will stick to tree branches and anything else that it dries on. Also, don’t just grab it and pull it down either because it will just break off somewhere out of your reach.

A simple method of removing toilet paper from trees

Usually we suggest using long poles with duct tape wrapped around them (Sticky Side Out) that way it will “grip” the toilet paper so you can pull it down. Sometimes it’s best to allow the toilet paper to wrap around the duct tape first, then pull it down. If you attempt this, stay away from power lines! Electricity can literally jump from the high voltage lines to a metal or wooden pole if you get too close!

Removing toilet paper from trees with a pressure washer!

If that doesn’t work, then the final fallback method is to use a pressure washer.. I know, that I suggested not using water, but these are desperate times if you want to get it down safely without trying to climb the tree! Once again, if you attempt this, stay away from power lines! If you thought it was dangerous with wood and metal poles, it’s really nasty with high pressured streams of water! When using a pressure washer for removing toilet paper from trees, make sure that your using the Zero Degree Nozzle, it puts out a laser beam like blast of water that can easily “CUT” through toilet paper. Keep in mind, it can also cut through wood, so be careful of the tree while doing this. You should also avoid using it for anything else, because it can damage siding, roofing and especially skin! If you would prefer to hire a professional power washing company in Montgomery County Maryland, click here to hire a contractor for removing toilet paper from trees.

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