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Give you siding a shine with our special wet wax during your house washing!If you hire a company for house washing services in Potomac Maryland without ensuring that they have the right training and practical experience to do the service, you could end up with 1000s of Dollars in loss. So before you hire a Contractor for house washing in Potomac Maryland, there are some essential pieces of information that no one should be without. You can easily search the Internet for information on house washing online, and still not include all of the information you need to know to hire a Contractor. But there are a few things that are really important for you to consider first!


Do house washing services in Potomac Maryland Need A License?

In  Potomac Maryland, Building contractors are required to have a Home Improvement License for house washing. The wording that is currently used for this Law can be confusing. Some Potomac Maryland homeowners have told us that if you call the Home Improvement Commissions Hotline, some of the staff are not aware of the latest changes, and they might tell you that Contractors are not required to have a license for house washing in Potomac Maryland. But if you contact the Executive Director Steve Smitson, he will tell you that if a Technician is using any type of chemicals, cleaners, soaps, detergents for house washing, that they are required to have a Home Improvement License to perform the job. If a Service provider says that they are NOT required to have a License, because they don’t use chemicals, cleaners, soaps, detergents when the provide house washing services, then they are using high pressure methods which are against every Industry Standard for best management practices, due to the amount of damage caused by using high pressure methods.

One possibility that The Home Improvement Commission wants everyone to be aware of, is that it is a crime to act as a home improvement contractor, subcontractor or salesperson in the State of Maryland without an MHIC license. They also caution men and women about hiring unlicensed home improvement contractors for house washing, or other expert services, because Many unlicensed tradesman held a MHIC license in the past and had their license revoked because they performed substandard work, failed to complete requirements or for other violations of law.

Liability Insurance For House Washing Services In Potomac Maryland

Liability Insurance and Employees Compensation are also crucial for you to check for. If a Contractor harms your property you want to be sure that they have insurance to cover the costs for the problems. Or if one of their day laborers is injured when they are sent to your home in Potomac Maryland for house washing services, you might find yourself involved in a lawsuit from the injured person, to cover their medical expenses or disability. This actually occurs more often than you would expect, a lot of Contractors in Potomac Maryland hire day workers for house washing due to the current market, so that they can avoid paying income taxes or Workers Compensation.
Check to see if the Contractor has taken any training classes for house washing, and ask them questions about the training they received. You should also see if they have provided house washing services for neighbors, or other homes in Potomac Maryland, so they can provide a local reference.  Just because a technician says they know how house washing services are performed, ensure that you ask them what processes they use to do the job. Most Contractors believe in providing the best services they can offer, and that quite often means that if they routinely offer house washing services, then they have quite possibly taken some form of training course to learn how to perform house washing services properly. In most instances they likely took a class on house washing services from the Contractors Foundation. The Contractors Foundation and it’s Instructors have provided training curriculum’s for most of the Organizations in the Industry to teach Contractors Industry approved methods and practices for house washing, without causing damages to the household. The Contractors Foundation house washing classes are tutored by Contractors with over 10 Years of working experience running successful companies that also provide house washing services through their own companies. Their classes on house washing are offered at locations all over United States during the year, for more articles visit

As you can clearly see from this article on house washing, hiring a house washing company is more involved than most home owners recognize but, in their defense there is a lot to know!  This article is just the fundamental information of what is out there to get educated on. We have all discovered information online that is not 100% trustworthy. So before you rely upon what you read on the Web site about house washing, check a efficient source like the Contractors Foundation. The Contractors Foundation is one of the best web sites in the Business for house washing training classes and information on house washing. Or if you like you can visit our web site for more information on our house washing services in Potomac Maryland. If you found any information in this article useful, please take a second to distribute it with your friends, or leave a short review for us about your experiences with house washing in Potomac Maryland.

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