Repairs for Every Aspect of Home Repair Needs

Our home repairs consist of installing chair rail, crown molding, cabinets and also repairing or replacing house trim, fencing, mail box posts and many other outside and inside home repairs issues.

Repairs for Every HomeOutside Home Repairs

Fences, decks, and trim around the home are prone to damage from the weather, such as rotting, Carpenter ants and Termites.  Pressure-treated lumber has been treated with chemicals and can last many years. This type of wood is the top choice normally for people due to it’s cost for repairs. Cedar and Redwood are also available if you would like to use another type of wood.  Proper repairs of outside wood are a must to ensure a long life. Outside window and door trim should be caulked and painted.  Roofs, gutters, fascia, soffit, and siding needs to be checked often for repairs needed. Proper repairs on gutters can extend the life of the gutters and fascia, for example.  Poor repairs of gutters can cause fascia and soffit to rot.  Checking the outside of your home often will help keep big repairs at a fraction. Which in turn saves you money.  During these checks cover windows, doors, any wood trim, railings, posts, roofs, gutters, and so on.  Look at the outside of your home from the roof to the bottom of each side of your home for any areas that may need repairs. If you have a deck check under it for possible issues.  Deck posts and fence posts need to be checked for any rotting at the ground level.  If any areas appear to be in need of repairs have them checked out.

Inside Home Repairs

Crown Molding – Chair Rail – Door Repairs

Inside wood repairs are usually done with pre-primed wood. The new wood can be finished with paint.  Some prefer natural wood that can be stained.

Our home repairs don’t stop at this. We offer kitchen and bathroom remodeling as well. We offer services to include the small jobs like garbage disposals, installing railings, wheelchair ramps, and light fixtures just to name a few. If your home is in need of any repairs contact us. If you would like to discuss a kitchen or bathroom remodeling project just give us a call. We will give you an honest answer about what repairs need to be done and an estimate. Give us a call at 301-216-9675 and ask us if we can handle the job you have in mind.

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