Customer Complaints And Resolutions


We always try to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our services, but occasionally we do make mistakes and we always do everything possible to resolve the issue.  There have been instances when we found that we were at fault and fixed the concerns very quickly. But in some cases, the client still is not satisfied even after we explain all the details.

Below are some previous customer concerns and solutions.

Gutter Cleaning And Repair Services

A customer filed a bad review about us online, thinking they had been ripped off because they were not home when we cleaned their gutters on November 13, 2012. On November 30, 2012, they complained that leaves were visible in the upper gutter.

When we found the review, we contacted the customer to discuss it, and they said “If your company cleaned the gutters on my home, why is there a leaf sticking up out of the top gutter?” Upon Inspection of the job with the customer present, we found (5 leaves) in the gutters. During the discussion we pointed out that many of the trees around their home still had 25% of their leaves on the trees because it was Fall, and the only way to prevent them from falling into the gutters is to install the Permaflow Gutter Guard System.

In this case we reminded the client that we do offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee for gutter cleaning, and once we explained this to the client they still thought that we had not provided the gutter cleaning services properly, even though they did say that they were satisfied after seeing us check the entire system again.

In the end, the client requested a 25% discount on installing the Permaflow Gutter Guards on their home, to keep the leaves out of their gutters, they were completely satisfied with the gutter guard installation.

Unfortunately, the original review the client filed online for the gutter cleaning cannot be edited or removed, even at their request.

Power Washing Service Complaints

A customer contacted us to say that one of our technicians must have damaged their siding while cleaning it earlier that year.

In this situation we looked at the before and after photos taken of the job. We then called in a home inspector to figure out what had happened. By working together, we discovered that a neighbor had just hired a window cleaning company to clean their new windows. The clean windows created such a strong reflection of sunlight that it had actually caused the siding to “melt” from the Summer Sunlight that was now reflecting onto the siding between the two properties.

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